Even Skin Tone is Not Impossible

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October 1, 2020

Blemishes on the skin such as spots and freckles are fairly common. You may get it when you’ve been in the sun too long or when you have hyperpigmentation from acne. It really takes away your confidence doesn’t it. We’ve got you covered in this post.

There are a few things that can make your skin look uneven. First, sunspots come from your melamine triggered by exposure to sunlight. You may also notice post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which can come from pimple marks or dark spots after a bug bite, or melasma which is triggered by hormonal changes. Skin redness on the other hand can be caused by skin inflammation or injury. Lastly, oily skin can cause your skin to feel bumpy and uneven.

Here are some tips to help. Exfoliate once a week. This helps remove dead skin cells and decongest the skin. You shouldn’t do it too often as it can damage the skin further. Choose exfoliants according to your skin type – physical exfoliators can be too abrasive for the skin. We personally recommend the green peel facial treatment. It’s a treatment that removes dead skin cells while giving the skin the essential nutrients it needs. It’s the perfect treatment for pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and acne.

You can also support your weekly treatments with a good vitamin C rich serum. It treats damage to the skin and neutralises free radicals. Remember to protect your skin when you go out daily. Use a sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. The best way to stop redness of course, is to stop squeezing those pimples. Squeezing and picking damages the skin and may cause hyperpigmentation.

If you struggle with uneven skin tone, we’d love to help you. Come visit us and have a friendly chat. We’re ready to help find the right treatment for you.